Roadmap and Developer Log
4/13/2019 7:53 UTC
New features on our network diagrams.
Latest changes have been deployed on the app. This includes:
  • Devices can now store information on vlan, svi, vrf and loopback interfaces.
  • Links, can now store the interfaces they are associated with, as well as layer 2 and layer 3 information
  • Some improvements onto the windowing system like description of the different fields.
  • Fixed some bugs.
I will be dedicated now, for a period of time in adding new symbols to diagrams. New type of network devices, servers, security devices, ...
After that, I'll move onto the auto-generated L3 network diagram and then, support for network protocols.
4/10/2019 23:23 UTC
Vlans, L2 and L3 Interface and VRFs.
I am currently working on giving support to defining the vlans, svi, loopback and L2, L3 interface on the network diagrams. I expect this to be ready by end of this week. So most likely, it will be published this weekend.
Once this is ready, I'll proceed to work on two parts:
  • Semi Auto-generated L3 diagrams based on the data configured on the L2 diagram.
  • Add new symbols. I still have to decide what new symbols can be most useful. Probably, more types of network devices, servers and security appliances. If you have any sugestion, let me know.
4/1/2019 23:23 UTC
Networkmaps. The open source online diagram editor.
These are the features that, on a high level, I expect or would like to have on this tool:
  1. Edit network diagrams using a browser. Accessible from anywhere at anytime.
  2. The tool should allow for several people to collaborate at the same time on the same network diagram.
  3. Edit all features of a network on the L2 view. The elements of the L3 view should be automatically generated, leaving to the user the placement of these elements
  4. There should be an api to access all functions so it is easy to automatically create network diagrams based on existing data.
  5. Anyone can get the source code and have the tool running on a server of their own.
  6. (this is more a wish) Once a diagram is created, the tool should be able to generate configurations for the different devices on the diagram for several vendors.
  7. Secure. Support for HTTPS or HTTP. User authentication and authorization. Diagrams should only be accessible for whoever the owner wants.
If there are more features you'd like to see, send me an email.